About Me

As a social scientist trained in anthropology and currently working in the area of human-subjects protection, I am committed to innovative and ethical research that is as beneficial to local and international communities as it is relevant to the academic dialogue.  I have worked at all stages of both quantitative and qualitative research studies, including instrument design and testing, preparation of IRB materials for research with human subjects, subject recruitment, data collection, data management, and analysis. Since my career as a researcher I have worked in the area of human research protections for over eight years as both an administrator and IRB member in both biomedical and SBER (social behavioral and educational research) focused Human Research Protections Programs. At the core of my successful career in human subjects research protections is my deep understanding of the applicability of HHS regulations (including the Common Rule, FDA and HIPAA) and how they articulate with state law; my attention to detail; my strong written and spoken communication skills; and, most importantly, my understanding of the needs of researchers. My experiences as a researcher, IRB member (acting as both a designated reviewer for research eligible to be reviewed by the expedited process, as well as a primary reviewer for full board applications), and IRB administrator have given me a knack for effectively advising diverse audiences—from biomedical and social science faculty and students to general counsel and institutional officials—on ethical research, responsible conduct of research, research compliance, and the IRB review process. These skills, combined with my experiences working with at-risk and underprivileged youth, make me ideally suited for both planning, conducting, and interpreting complex research among culturally diverse and underserved populations, as well of ensuring adequate regulatory oversight at all stages of the research endeavor. Areas of interest and specialization: interdisciplinary research, mixed-methods research, linguistic anthropology, religion and political economy, longitudinal research, Latin America, prevention science, video analysis, semiotics, anthropology of Christianity, modernity. My personal interests include wilderness and international travel, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, pack rafting, music, and soccer.

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